IVR Solution

Our IVR Service / Virtual Receptionist Service approach your caller with your Company Welcome Message and spawn your companies brand image even before he/she onset to starts talking to your company ideal.

IVR solutions or Virtual number plays a role of virtual executive in your company. You will never miss a potential call using this service, as if any call was missed by your executive, you can still access the same using our web platform.

Example Of IVR Or Virtual Number

The best example of automated IVR is our operators help line number. Whenever we call on our customer care, one automated voice greets us with a pre-decided response and then it asks us to press the desired extension, immediately after pressing the desired extension we got our response fetching the live database on operator's server.

Our Key Features:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Never miss an important call.
  • Easy Access to the Missed Calls for follow-ups.
  • Manage Agents Easily.
  • Automatic Call Recorder for Performance monitoring.
  • Automatic message will be sent to the caller after call disconnection.
  • Easily export database in excel sheet.
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