Long Code Solution

Long Code service is similar to Short code service. But, number used in long code service is 10 digit mobile number.

So, the customer who sends an SMS on that number will be charged as per normal plan of their operator.

Long code plays a role of virtual number for your company.

Your number will be connected to the server and whenever someone sends an SMS on that number using your keyword he will get an automated response from our server.

We Serve You Two Types Of Long Code :

Shared Long Code:
A shared Long Code is one shared by more than one company. This means there are multiple applications or services running on it which are designated by keywords. If you avail this service, you will get one number which is shared by many other business people. But for your need it is differ with the business keywords of your product or service.

Dedicated Short Code:
Dedicated Long Codes offer a reliable platform for your mobile campaigns since you are the sole owner and content provider on the number you have unlimited keywords and you maintain control over routing inbound and outbound messages. Since you own the number and all of the data captured, you can map directly into your existing database without having to input information from a different source.

How it Works

Whenever a prospect type the keyword and send it to Long code number, then their details such as mobile number, operator name, message, time, place etc. details into the user dashboard. Obviously if anyone has sent the message it means he/she is interested in their service or product. So we can do the further conversation with the prospect. It has the option of auto reply, so that we can send acknowledgment to the customer saying that we received their query and soon will revert them.

Our Key Features:

  • To express interest in a promotional offer.
  • Request for more information.
  • Mobile coupons and discount offers.
  • Voting for a TV contest.
  • Registering views and opinions for a controversial debate.
  • Receive a link to a mobile website.
  • Contests/ Survey, Lucky Winner Draw, Bids
  • Product Inquiries, Lead generation in a cost effective manner
  • Free Support
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